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Domestic violence, divorce, and child custody battles can all place an immense level of stress on an individual. If a family matter should escalate to a level where legal action is necessary, having an experienced legal team can be an invaluable asset. The New Haven County family law attorneys at Jowdy & Jowdy are eager to help guide you through troubled waters.

We truly care about our clients, and we do our best to treat you like family. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and our aim is to protect your rights and secure your future. Every case is unique, so the New Haven County family law attorneys develop custom strategies for each person’s needs.Woman holding wedding band - Danbury divorce attorney

Various accolades have helped demonstrated our legacy of success, most notably:

  • Several decades of successful and loyal legal practice
  • Overwhelmingly positive client testimonials
  • A wide area of service including Connecticut and New York residents
  • Risk-free initial consultations for each client

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Experienced Family Counsel Since 1976

Regardless of the issue, the family law attorneys at Jowdy & Jowdy are ready to help you. Delicate matters and complications can be overcome, and their firm aims to approach each case with exceptional care. Client satisfaction is a top priority, and your rights are always important. If an issue arises, someone is always there to help you. You are not just a client – you're family.

Family issues may be tough, but they can be solved. Their attorneys can help with:

There is no better time to take legal action than right now if you are faced with a pressing family law issue. Jowdy & Jowdy is dedicated to the best interests of New Haven residents and would be honored to help you achieve a favorable resolution in the most reasonable and harmonious way possible. Their decades of experience and professional approach can help you get through the toughest of family situations. With the firm on your side, your voice matters and you are given a say in what happens to your family.

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