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Dividing Property in a Danbury Divorce: Get Legal Help

In the state of Connecticut, the property is not automatically split equally (50-50). The court can decide to award some or all of a particular portion of the estate to one side or the other. In fact, the law does not even consider when the property or assets were acquired, which means if one spouse owned a home prior to the marriage, that property may be potentially awarded to the other spouse. The legal term is "all property equitable division" which means any assets, including property bought by either party, financial assets, or other investments are subject to be divided up as the court deems fit.

There are many factors that the court takes into consideration when making its decision as to what is an "equitable" division. These include the length of the marriage, the income of each party, the background of each spouse, including their education and work experience, and their personal and health history. The legal team at Jowdy & Jowdy are very experienced in divorce law and can explain and consult with you about these issues.

If you are headed towards divorce, you should consult with a Danbury family law attorney for a free consultation to learn how to best prepare your case to preserve your financial future.

How a Danbury Property Division Lawyer Can Help

The division of property and assets is a very stressful and emotional issue in every divorce. The personal attachment and meaning associated with such assets as a home or furniture can be very deep. The home, in particular, can be a difficult asset to "equitably" divide and whatever the court's decision, especially if it must be split between the parties, there are some difficult decisions that must be made in today's real estate market. You need the legal counsel of an experienced divorce attorney from our firm to help you with these decisions.

Contact a Danbury property division lawyer for a free consultation about your divorce and your property division rights.


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