Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative Divorce Lawyer in Danbury

What is a collaborative divorce?

Collaborative divorce is a relatively new process in family law. It is a process in which the divorcing couple can control their own destiny rather than leaving it up to a judge. It differs from mediation, in which the participants are the husband, the wife, and a neutral third party mediator. In collaborative divorce, there are the husband, the wife, and their respective lawyers. All four parties meet together for several sessions.

The goal is to reach a settlement that is fair and just in a kinder, gentler way and fits the needs and interests of both people.

Prior to the actual negotiations, both parties sign a Participation Agreement which lays out the ground rules for the process. The main points of this agreement are that the issues will be solved in a considerate, non-adversarial way, the attorneys are committed to facilitating an optimum settlement for both the husband and wife (there is a disqualification provision in the agreement that states if no agreement can be reached, both attorneys are no longer part of the case, and new lawyers will be hired to litigate the case), the parents will act in their children's best interest, and all relevant information will be openly disclosed. A Danbury family lawyer who is trained in the collaborative, team approach to problem-solving may be able to help you with your divorce.

Knowledgeable Collaborative Divorce Lawyer in Danbury

How do you decide which attorney is right for you? Most attorneys are trained only in how to practice adversarial law. To be effective, a good collaborative divorce attorney must be trained in interest-based negotiation, the collaborative divorce process, and in divorce law. The more experience he or she has with these negotiations enables the attorney to be more competent and usually makes for a more successful outcome. Ongoing education is helpful in keeping up with current information. Finally, you must feel comfortable and confident that your lawyer will be there for you, listens to your concerns, and gives you the time and attention you need. A family law attorney from Jowdy & Jowdy is available to meet with you so you can determine if he is a fit for you.

If you think a collaborative divorce may be right for you, contact a Danbury collaborative divorce lawyer today.


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