Know Your Rights

Know Your Rights

Charged with a crime? You have rights!

After an arrest, or if you are the focus of an investigation in a criminal case, it is imperative that your rights are protected. Police interrogations are extremely tough and can go on for hours or days. When it is believed that you are responsible for a criminal act, the questioning process is dangerous. You have the right to remain silent, and the right to an attorney. You are advised to exercise these rights before answering any questions from investigators or law enforcement, or discussing the details of the situation with any other person.

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The Dangers After an Arrest

Once you are in the hands of law enforcement, there are serious pitfalls, and if not carefully avoided, you could face even more problems. Your answers, your demeanor in questioning and other matters can be brought to the attention of the court at trial. Although every person responds differently to stressful situations, you could be presented as "cold," "unemotional," "having no reaction to the news," or other evaluations when your responses are later played in court. Never answer questions without your attorney present. This is a primary rule in a criminal charge, whether a DUI or serious felony offense, from violent crimes through to sex crimes, theft crimes, and others. It is also your Constitutional right. Exercise this right if you are hoping to avoid conviction, reduce the charges, get a dismissal of charges, or pursue a lesser sentence.

Find the Right Criminal Lawyer

All law firms are different. Each is made up of one or more lawyers with a certain mode of operation, background, and track record. It is worth checking into the qualifications and experience of the firm and the lawyer before you commit. At Jowdy & Jowdy, many of our clients come to us referred by associates, family or friends that have been represented by our firm. We represent many professionals in a wide range of fields that are facing criminal charges. We are aggressive defenders that will work long and hard to develop a defense strategy that has a better chance of success. No serious crime accusation can be defended without a full commitment to the case, the willingness to pursue every possible option and opportunity, and dedication to the accused person's rights and interests.

We take on defending criminal charges with a personal commitment to fighting for any possible benefit at every step of the justice process.

Fighting for Justice for the Criminally Accused in the Danbury Area

Our firm is well-respected and known throughout the legal community as top quality litigators and defenders. Our focus is on building a case that has a better chance of success. This requires a full, in-depth evaluation and analysis of every detail that led to your arrest and charge. Police procedure, lab procedures, the process used in the gathering of evidence and the background of any witness that could be giving testimony for the prosecution are all part of the process. In some cases, it is determined that the client's rights were violated in the arrest procedure, in an illegal stop (no probable cause) or in an illegal search. When evidence is obtained without the correct procedure, it is not admissible. Allow our Danbury criminal defense lawyer to review every detail of your case at once. You may have more opportunities for success than you know.

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